Casual basketball

Practice your basketball skills in Manningham's newest stadium. Simply gather your friends, bring your own ball, and head to our stadium during our casual shooting hours to enjoy basketball all year round. No bookings are required, but you can book in advance below if you prefer.

A maximum number of participants per court applies (contact us for more information).


See our prices.


Mullum Mullum Stadium.

Session times

Monday 9am - 4pm
Tuesday 9am - 1pm (call us for availability between 1pm - 4pm)
Wednesday 9am - 1pm (call us for availability between 1pm - 4pm)
Thursday 9am - 1pm (call us for availability between 1pm - 4pm)
Friday 9am - 4pm
Saturday 7pm - 9pm
Sunday Call us for availability between 1pm - 4pm


  • All casual shooting sessions end 30 minutes prior to the closure of the facility.
  • Please note, court availability may change at any point.
  • During casual times and allocated spaces, there is to be no coaching on the courts. All organised training sessions and coaching needs to be supported and booked by your club or association.


Using the booking system below, select 'Mullum Mullum Stadium' and then 'Basketball - Half Court (Causal Access)' to book a casual basketball session.

All-abilities basketball

We also host all abilities basketball at Mullum Mullum Stadium.


The Y offers MinY-Hoops basketball classes for boys and girls aged five to seven at Warrandyte Sports Centre.

Court hire

A variety of our stadiums can accommodate basketball and have courts available for hire - see our prices.

Further information

Contact us for the latest court information.

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