​Foundation Y

Helping people deal with life's challenges

Foundation Y Manningham is the relief and development agency of the YMCA in Manningham. Throughout any particular year, Foundation Y Manningham is both pro-active and re-active to community approaches for assistance.

Foundation Y Manningham strives to provide families, youth and children in disadvantage​d circumstances increased opportunities to ​​participate within the community in specialty programs designed to build on people’s strengths and develop the necessary skills to deal with life’s challenges.


YMCA Manningham, through Foundation Y Manningham, will strive to relieve disadvantage within our local community, creating and providing opportunities for all people to grow in body, mind and spirit.

How to apply​

Applications for Foundation Y Gift Funds can be made by downloading the FYM Assistance Application Form.pdf

Note: It is a requirement that applications must be completed, verified for “necessity” and lodged by an authority deemed appropriate for carrying out such evaluations (ie. health providers, welfare and support groups, employment services, schools).

For guidelines on how to make an application, including details on limitations and requirements, please download the FYM Assistance Application Guidelines.pdf
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