​​​Park Orchards

Park Orchards Community Centre is a single court stadium located at the Park Orchards Primary School. The stadium is suitable for basketball, netball and other indoor sports. The Park Orchards Stadium is the operating grounds for the Park Orchards Basketball Club which competes Saturday's in the EDJBA competition. The stadium also hosts the Park Orchards Netball Association social competition and Park Orchards Netball Club also has their training at this venue with games being competed on Saturday's. 

Park Orchards Community Centre
​Park Orchards Primary School

Bowmore Avenue, Park Orchards

Mel Ref: 35 D10

​Main Stadium​1 x Basketball
1 x Netball
Open Space
​Multipurpose Room


Park Orchards Community Centre
Park Orchards Primary School
Bowmore Avenue
Park Orchards, VIC 3114
Melways Ref: 35 D10

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