​​​​​School Holiday Programs

YMCA Manningham co-ordinates holiday programs for participants of a variety of skill levels and ages. The programs are designed to be fun, something new and expose children to a range of new sports and activities. By participating in this clinic you will learn new skills, make new friends and participate in sports which you may never have been able to.

We have a variety of programs available this holiday period from specific sports development to participating in multiple sports through the day.

Basketball Clinic:                                                   Age: 6-12 years
Develop your skills in this fun basketball clinic. Learn to shoot, play some defence and all other basketball skills in a fun game filled environment.

Sports DISCO:                                                       Age: 6-12 years
Come and try a variety of sports featuring Netball, Soccer, Basketball  and Volleyball games in this session. This is a great session for those looking for something different and fun in the holidays.

Indoor Soccer:                                                        Age: 6-12 years
Come have fun and develop your soccer skills these holidays with our soccer clinic. Dribbling, shooting, passing, game play. Keep on your toes for this session.

3x3 Basketball                                                        Age: 8-16 years
Come and learn the best tactics and strategies for 3x3 basketball. Get a group of friends together, learn how to play and then compete in a round robin at the end of the day. Develop your skills and gameplay.

Disability Big Day Out                                            Age: All Ages

The Big Day Out multi-sporting event is the perfect way for people with a disability to develop his or her sporting skills during the holidays in a safe fun environment. There will be a variety of sports such as Basketball, Netball, Volleyball and Futsal.

Please note that there are currently no Holiday Clinics or skill sessions available

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