YMCA Manningham Privacy Policy

The YMCA Manningham (MYMCA) respects the privacy of our customers.

This policy sets out how we collect, hold, use and disclose information in compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles.

MYMCA may amend this policy due to changes in law or business require​ments.

1. Collection, use and disclosure of information

MYMCA collects personal information directly from customers through electronic, verbal and written correspondence. We may also collect information from others, such as doctors and insurance companies. 

a) Collection of personal or sensitive health information
Examples of personal information which may be collected include name, image, contact details, gender, purchasing and attendance records.

We also collect sensitive health information such as blood pressure, body-mass index, personal medical plans and health/medical histories.

b) Use of personal or sensitive health information
MYMCA may use personal or sensitive health information to: 

  1. Establish customer identity
  2. Manage customers relationships and improve customer experience
  3. Fulfil membership contract obligations
  4. Provide and administer programs and services
  5. Conduct research and development
  6. Conduct our business
  7. Assist government and law enforcement agencies 

c) Disclosure of personal or health information 
MYMCA may disclose information to organisations or individuals outside MYMCA in order to provide the range of services and programs offered.

MYMCA may disclose customer information to:

  1. Authorised YMCA staff and volunteers
  2. Sub-contractors and outsourced service providers
  3. Auditors and insurers
  4. Financial institutions
  5. Government, enforcement and regulatory authorities
  6. Other organisations where customer consent has been given

Disclosure of personal and health information will be in accordance with the National Privacy Principles. 

2. Data Quality 

MYMCA takes reasonable steps to ensure that personal information is accurate, complete and up to date whenever it is collected, used or disclosed. 

3. Data Security and Retention 

MYMCA takes reasonable steps to protect personal information from misuse, interference and loss, unauthorised access, modifications or disclosure.

Health information will be retained for a minimum of 7 years following the last occasion on which service was provided. Where information was collected while the individual was a child it shall be retained until the individual is 25 years old, or for 7 years, which is the greater. 

4. Openness

Manningham YMCA aims to manage personal information in an open and transparent way.

The MYMCA Privacy Policy is available to:

  1. the community, members and clients through external promotional material, brochures and websites
  2. staff and volunteers on the YMCA extranet and through induction processes 

5. Access and Correction

Customers may access basic information (such as membership or program attendance and payments) by contacting us by phone, in writing or in person at reception.

For requests relating to more complex information a written request is required. MYMCA upon receipt of a written request may provide access to an individuals personal information. All requests will be processed within 30 days. There is no charge for lodging a request. However MYMCA may charge a fee to recover the costs incurred in locating, compiling and explaining the information sought.

Similarly, written requests for correction or updating of personal information will be processed within 30 days. There is no charge for updating or correcting information.

If MYMCA decides to deny a request for access or correction of information, we will write to the customer concerned explaining the reason for our decision. MYMCA will also provide information about the complaint mechanisms available to the customer.

In accordance with the Health Records Act, all Health Information collected by MYMCA will not be deleted. Amendments or alterations to health information will be added to the original file.

6. Unique Identifiers

To provide services, MYMCA may be required to collect an individual's Commonwealth Government identifiers such as Tax File number, Medicare number. These identifiers will only be disclosed to agencies as required by law. MYMCA will not adopt identifiers for our own record keeping.

7. Anonymity and Pseudonymity

Whenever it is lawful, reasonable and practicable to do so, MYMCA will provide customers with the opportunity to use our services without identifying themselves.

8. Tran border Data Flows

MYMCA does not transfer personal information interstate or overseas without the consent of the individual whom the information concerns. 

9. Sensitive Information 

MYMCA may collect sensitive information such as health information, gender, disability and criminal records where: 

the individual has consented 

  1. the collection is required by law
  2. the collection is necessary to prevent or lessen a serious threat to the life or health of any individual,
  3. where the individual whom the information concerns is physically or legally incapable of giving consent to the collection or physically cannot communicate consent to the collection 

10. Transfer/Closure of Health Service

In the event of a MYMCA managed health service (e.g. massage service, health and fitness club) being transferred, sold, leased or ceasing operation, MYMCA will enact appropriate notification and transfer procedures as directed by the Health Records Act. 

11. Transferring information to anther Health Service Provider

MYMCA shall transfer health information to a designated / recognised health provider free of charge on the receipt of a written request.

The transfer of health information will occur within 14 working days.

12. Consent​

By acquiring or using MYMCA services, products or facilities, individuals consent to the reasonable collection, use and disclosure of personal information.

13. Complaints Procedure 

To complain about the manner in which personal information is collected, used or disclosed, contact MYMCA administration on 9848 0000,manningham@ymca.org.au or c/o Aquarena, 139-153 Williamsons Road, Doncaster 3108. We aim to resolve the situation quickly.

You can also contact the Office Of The Australian Information Commissioner on 1300 363 992, www.oaic.gov.au or the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, GPO Box 5218 Sydney NSW 2001.

14. MYMCA websites and cookies

MYMCA may collect personal or sensitive information through websites.​

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