​​​YMCA Manningham

A community based organisation

As an independent association of YMCA Australia,  YMCA Manningham incorporated has been serving the community of Manningham since 1992. Since its formation, YMCA Manningham has provided health, wellness and community development programs as an integral part of its mission to help people build a healthy body, mind and spirit. While many people may be aware of this particular aspect of the YMCA and may have experienced its benefits, our objective is to enrich and enhance the lives of members of our Manningham community.

Through its current operations, YMCA Manningham delivers a broad range of community- building programs and services and includes:

  • Management of the Manningham City Council Youth Services Agreement
  • Management of nine Manningham City Council Indoor Highball Stadiums
  • Various self-funded Manningham YMCA community programs

History of the YMCA in Manningham

The YMCA has had a presence in this community since the early 1970s when Doncaster High School sought the support of the YMCA to manage their canteen which was located within their gymnasium complex. In 1974, the former Doncaster and Templestowe Council sought the support of the YMCA to manage the Leeds Street stadium. This support was provided until the demise of the Melbourne YMCA that sadly resulted in many metropolitan branches having to immediately close their doors.

The management responsibility of the Leeds street stadium was returned to the Council in the mid-1980s and for the relatively short period of approximately seven years the YMCA did not operate in the community. The decision by the Council to close the Doncaster pool in 1990 for a two year major upgrade saw the birth of Aquarena Aquatic and Leisure Centre and the opportunity for the YMCA to regain a vital position within the community. The YMCA managed Aquarena for over 25 years until June 2018.

Appointed as the inaugural Aquarena facility management in October 1992, the YMCA operated under an agreement with the Australian YMCA Services until 1995 when the YMCA of Manningham was formally incorporated and a YMCA Association was formed.

Our vision

Together with our partners we will create a healthy, active and sustainable community by engaging all individuals and families to achieve their full potential.


Our vision is made up of a number of strong themes.  These themes drive our activities.

  • Engage: the ability to be able to deliver our programs to the community outside of YMCA facilities.
  • Healthy and Active: we deliver programs that produce positive change and results.  Our programs focus on physical, mental and social well-being.
  • Everyone: we are committed to inclusion, equity for people of all abilities, cultures and religions. Nobody will be denied access based on an inability to pay.
  • Partnerships and Environment: the ability to create and maintain positive partnerships and environments was identified as critical to our success.

Annual Reports

​View or download our Community Impact Reports which profiles the work of YMCA Manningham across all our operations over the financial year.  

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