​​​​​​​​​Sports Skill Development​​

Develop motor and life skills in a fun environment

YMCA Sports Development Sessions are sports training sessions designed to expose our youth to the number of sports and activities within the area. These programs run for 8 weeks during the school terms, which emphasises on participation and skill development in a variety of activities.  

Why not enrol your child to participate in our sports development sessions? Sessions are 45 minutes in length and have been designed to accommodate all skill levels. 

Sport exposure and skill development sessions

The skill development sessions are designed to run over a term to progress the skill levels of certain sports and develop motor and life skills for children aged between 5-11 and 12-16. This program has been designed to maximise enjoyment and participation whilst exposing the kids to new sports and skills.

There will be a variety of programs running including Basketball, Netball, Badminton, Table tennis and more such as our multisport program to expose your child to 5 sports in 8 weeks. With coaching from experienced and qualified coaches you can be assured that your children is getting the most from this program. 

Basketball Skills Academy

Specifically designed training program for athletes to develop game skills and knowledge to advance their basketball skills. This six week program is designed and run by qualified and experienced coaches to get the best from each player. Coached by local experienced players and coaches, this is a great program to learn and develop in an enviroment made for you to perform.

One on One Basketball coaching​

One hour sessions with local coaches and players aimed at providing your children with a personal session to hone in and develop players to their best abilities. Sessions will be tailored to develop the skills that each player needs developed.

Basketball Shooting Development Sessions

One hour session aimed at  developing each players shooting technique. These sessions develop a range of different shots and teaches players to shoot with great form in different game situations.

MinY Ballers

MinY Ballers is developed to transition players from just skills to gameplay by teaching rules in a fun environment. This progressive program is aimed at children aged 6-9 who are looking to join with their local sports club. With experienced coaches to deliver this program it is a great advantage to get your children ready to play competitive basketball and improve general motor skills. This is the perfect program to follow on from MinY HOOPS.


MinY HOOPS is designed to teach basic skills of basketball to participants who just want to give it a go. Learn all the skills from passing to shooting and defending in a fun safe enviroment with local experienced coaches. This is the perfect program for young players looking to get a head start before joining MinY Ballers.

​Experience our range of sports and develop your skills with friends today. Call us on 9848 0088 or email stadiums.manningham@ymca.org.au for more information. 

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