​​​​​​​YMCA Manningham 3x3 Hoops

YMCA manningham '3x3 Hoops' is the newest basketball competition to hit Manningham coning on the 15th of October at Manningham DISC. This competition is aimed at players aged 16 and over and are looking for a fast paced fun competition to compete against others. 3x3 basketball is 3 on 3 basketball where teams are made up of 4 players total a night ensuring maximum game time and activity.

The competition will run for 8 weeks consisting of 7 weekly rounds and one round of finals, to determine which team is the best in Manningham. During each round teams will play three 15 minute or four 10 minute games within the hour, where they will then be given points depending on where they finish on the night. Each week these points add up to determine ladder positions for the final round.

Game times will be scheduled between 6:30pm and 7:30pm​ each Sunday night. Meaning you only have to come during your scheduled hour session.

How is this different to other competitions?

YMCA '3x3 Hoops' is about coming along and hanging out with people with a similar interest and are looking for a fun competitive environment. Not only is there basketball, but music will be played throughout the night and there will be free cups of Gatorade for competing teams.

Each team will not require a set uniform to compete, all you have to do is ensure your team wears clothing that relates to being a uniform. (White shirts, NBA jerseys, Coloured Singlets, AFL jersey)

What is the cost of the competition?

Our aim is to provide an affordable social environment for all participants, therefor we have made the cost as affordable as we could. There will be a registration fee at the start of the season, followed by weekly game fees. These game fees may be paid in one sum at the start of the season so that all you have to do is rock up and ball.

Registration Fee: ​$80.00 per team, Early Bird price of $60.00 until September 30

Game Fee: $20.00 per team or $140.00 per season paid up front

How do I get involved?

To get involved you will need to register your team for '3​x3 Hoops Round 1' in the program below. This is completed through the fiba3x3 platform which enables not only each team to score points, but each registered player also. You may register up to 6 players however on 4 players may play on one night. Once your team is registered our staff will be in contact with more information regarding the competition and ensure you are scheduled for each week of the competition.​

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Important Information and Documents:

Terms and Conditions.pdf

3x3 Rules.pdf

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