​​YMCA Manningham 3x3 Challenge

The Spring holiday 3x3 challenge has been cancelled. Stay tuned for future competition opportunities. 

The YMCA 3x3 Challenge is a 3 on 3 basketball tournament run during the holiday breaks aimed at having fun and being social with other participants whilst playing competitive basketball. Throughout the day there will be music being played to really set a fun active environment, along with the YMCA Youth Service team coming down to hang out with everyone.

Each age group will have different game times where they will play a series of (at least 4) games throughout the day within a 3 hour bracket between 10am and 4 pm. (younger age groups will play earlier in the day). *game times and divisions will rely on number of teams that have entered. 

  • U11: Participants aged 9-11 years of age
  • U13: Participants aged 12-13 years of age
  • U15: Participants aged 14-15 years of age
  • Is your age group not here? Send us an email to stadiums.manningham@ymca.org.au and let us know what age group you would like to see!


Each team consist of 4 players, no coaches and a parent/guardian or friend that will be the team scorer.

Will your team be the best team in Manningham?

How is this different to other competitions?

YMCA 3x3 Challenge is about coming along and being active throughout the holiday period. Not only is there basketball, but music will be played throughout the day and there will be the YMCA Manningham Youth Service team on site showcasing their services and what they have to offer.

Each team will not require a set uniform to compete, all you have to do is ensure your team wears clothing that relates to being a uniform. (White shirts, NBA jerseys, Coloured Singlets, AFL jersey) Shorts with no pockets are essential.

There will be a kiosk running all day with food and drink being available for participants to purchase.

What is the cost of the Tournament?

The cost of the 3 hour tournament for each team is $80.00, that's only $20.00 per player for 3 hours of basketball and fun activities.

How do I get involved?

To get involved you will need to register your team for '3x3 Challenge' in the program below. This is completed through the fiba3x3 platform which enables not only each team to score points, but each registered player also. Each team will only need their captain (or the captains' parent) to register them for the competition.


Terms and Conditions.pdf



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