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​​​​​​Mullum Mullum Reserve Stadium​​​

The Mullum Mullum Reserve Stadium is a key feature of the Mullum Mullum Reserve Management Plan, which also includes improvements to pedestrian and cycling paths, car parking and landscaping at Mullum Mullum Reserve in Donvale in and around the reserve.

The highly anticipated Mullum Mullum Reserve Stadium will provide a boost for local sporting clubs in Manningham, with five new indoor sports courts. The stadium will help to address the shortage of indoor court space in Manningham and will cater for a range of sports including basketball, netball, badminton, table tennis and volleyball.

The development also includes a cafe, amenities, function rooms and administration facilities. A new car park, adjacent the stadium, will also be constructed to ensure that the stadium complements the existing facilities in the reserve.

​In October 2016, Council commenced the construction of the five court multiuse highball stadium located at Mullum Mullum Reserve (7 Springvale Road, Donvale). It is anticipated that the construction of the stadium will be completed in mid-2018. 

The following facility components will be included in the final build:

      • Five indoor highball courts configured as a three and two court stadium;
      • 500+ seat show-court with stand alone changerooms and breifing rooms.
      • Entry, reception, café/kiosk, office and administration areas;
      • Multipurpose / program space;​​
      • Change room facilities including toilet and shower amenities;
      • Referees room and allocated space for club and program promotion;
      • Public toilet facilities for spectators;
      • Storage and plant room;
      • Front of house spaces including bike parking and drop off zone;
      • First aid room; and
      • Additional car parking to complement the facility

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Ground Floor

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Level 1

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YMCA Manningham Expressions of Interest

YMCA Manningham is assisting Manningham City Council with the expressions of interest and selection of local sporting clubs wishing to use the new Mullum Mullum Stadium upon​ its completion. ​

Please keep checking back on our website for the release date of expressions of interest.  

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